Operational suggestions for community gardens for the duration of the epidemic

Under no circumstances should anyone who feels sick, or has sick people around them, enter the garden.

Do not organize any community event in the garden until the epidemic is officially considered to be over.

All gardens should provide soap, water and sponges. Everyone entering AND leaving the garden should thoroughly wash their hands. Everyone should wipe the garden door handle with a disposable wipe or soapy water before touching it.

Everyone should wear gardening gloves and wash them regularly with soapy water.

There should be as few people as possible in the gardens at any one time, preferably only one family at a time. Make a schedule of who goes to the garden. Consult internal communication channels as to who will go, and when.

If more people are in the garden, a minimum of six steps should be kept from each other. Children are also subject to this rule.

Those who live far should avoid travel to the garden at this time, especially if that travel involves public transport.

If you used a common tool, after use wash thoroughly with soap and water before returning it to the garden storage.

If anyone can not go to the garden at this time for the above mentioned or other reasons, an agreement should be made with other members for attending (watering etc.) to their part of the garden.

Shared cultivation becomes more important at this time, and anyone going to the garden should take part in the communal maintenance of the garden.

It is important to consider uncultivated areas of the garden for planting crops. It will matter a lot in the fall!

You can plant seeds at home. Every garden has plastic hatching pots, and the tool storage area has seeds. Take soil home and plant seedlings at home. When the epidemic is over, you will have the plants to plant out in the garden. Plant more seedlings than usual, as crop plants will be a valuable asset.

The garden will be a very important part of life for every gardener during the coming months, so take care of it.

Sunbathe in the garden a lot and exercise because your body needs vitamin D.

The garden will be basically sterile when exposed to a lot of sunlight, but follow these protocols.